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Philosophy of Action

Feminist Philosophy

Social and Political Philosophy



Philosophy of Law

Practical/Applied Philosophy


Books, Monographs:

Inalienable Rights:  A Defense, Columbia University Press, 1985, pp. 1­‑215; Spanish trans­lation, Alian­za Editori­al, Madrid, 1988; Chapter 5 re­print­ed in The Phil­osophy of Human Rights, ed. Morton E. Winston, Wadsworth, 1989.

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Gender in the Mirror: Cultural Imagery and Women’s Agency, Oxford University Press, 2002; Oxford Scholar­ship 0n-Line, 2003; excerpt of Chap­ter 7 in the APA News­letter on Feminism and Philosophy, Fall 2002; a Choi­ce Outstanding Academic Title for 2004.

Being Yourself: Essays on Identity, Action, and Social Life (A Selection of New and Previously Published Essays with an Introduc­tion by the Author), Rowman and Littlefield, March 2004.

Victims’ Stories and the Advancement of Human Rights, Oxford University Press, 2016. 

Books, Edited Volumes:

Economic Justice:  Private Rights and Public Responsibil­ities, edited with Kenneth Kipnis, Rowman and Allan­held, 1985.

Women and Moral Theory, edited with Eva Kittay, Rowman and Littlefield, 1987.

Political Realism and International Morality:  Ethics in the Nuclear Age, edited with Kenneth Kipnis, Westview Press, 1987.

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Poverty, Agency, and Human Rights, Oxford University Press,  2014. 

Journal Issues and Symposia, Edited and Introduced:

Current Work in Feminist Ethics and Social Theory, 1st FEAST (Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Thought) Special Issue, Hypatia Vol. 25(1) January 2010.

Responsibility and Identity in Global Justice, 2nd FEAST (Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Thought) Special Issue, Hypatia Vol. 26(4) October 2011.

Feminist Critiques of Evolutionary Psychology, FEAST Cluster of 3 Papers, Hypatia Vol 27(1) Winter 2012.



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Visiting Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1978‑79

Assistant Professor, Cornell University, Government Depart­ment, 1979‑85

Assistant Professor, Montclair State College, 1985‑87

Associate Professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs, 1987‑90

Professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs, 1990-2008

Blanche, Edith, and Irving Laurie New Jersey Chair, Women’s and Gender Studies Department, Rutgers University, Spring 2003.

Ignacio Ellacuría SJ Chair in Social Ethics and Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University, Chicago, 2008-2013.

Professor Emerita of Philosophy, University of Connecticut, Storrs, 2008-continuing.


University of Chicago, A.B., 1969, Philosophical Psycho­logy

City University of New York Graduate Center, M.A., 1976, Philosophy

City University of New York Graduate Center, Ph.D., 1978, Philosophy


University Fellowship, 1976‑77.

Graduate Fellow (Research), 1977‑78.

Humanities Faculty Research Grant, Summer 1980.

General Education Development Grant, Summer 1981.

Exxon Educational Foundation Grant, 1984‑85.

Rockefeller Residency Fellowship, The Center for Philosophy and Public Policy, 1985‑86, declined.

ACLS/Ford Foundation Fellowship, Fall 1986.

UConn Special Achievement Awards, 1990, 1994.

UConn Major Research Grants, 1991, 1993.

UConn Provost’s Fellowship, Spring 1993.

Rockefeller Foundation Study Center at Bellagio Italy, Residency, Summer 1993.

Visiting Scholar (funded), Philosophy Department, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, Summer 1996.

Honorable Mention, 2003 Outstanding Article Award, American Sociological Association, Sex and Gender Section: “The Rush to Motherhood – Pronatalist Discourse and Women’s Autonomy,” Signs 26 (2001): 735-773.

UConn Human Rights Institute Research Fellowship, Fall 2006.

UConn Provost’s Research Excellence Award, 2006-2007.

Distinguished Woman Philosopher, Society for Women in Philosophy, 2012.

Listed in Who’s Who in America (2000-present), Who’s Who in the World (2010- present) Who’s Who in the East (1986-present), International Who’s Who of Women (1986-present), Who’s Who of American Women (1998-present).


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Other Presentations/Appearances:

Masterclass on PhD Research Problems, Expertisecentrum Ethiek in de Zorg, Groningen University Medical School, June 15, 2005, 10:00-16:00; I responded to questions from PhD students working on problems about identity and autonomy in medical settings.

Appeared in Philosophy for Life, an educational film about philosophical ways to address 9/11, shown on Public Broadcasting Stations.

Published on Aesthetics for Birds, #39 of 100 Philosophers 100 Artworks 100 Words, edited by Rebecca Millsop:

Taught Class on Aesthetics, Lori Gruen’s Pro-seminar in Philosophy, Wesleyan Prison Program at Cheshire CT, April 15, 2016.

Interview with Danish newspaper,, 2016.

Workshop on Coercion, organized by Scott Anderson, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, March 2017.

Radio interview on Female Genital Cutting with Beth Matthews on Radical Philosophy, Melbourne Australia, 2 parts:


Conference Organization:

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Member, Program Committee, APA Eastern Division, 1994-1995.

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